Removing Navigation circles in iGuide

Is there a way to remove the navigation circles from being visible? I have a client that does not want them or at least would like them to be as light as possible. Says they are distracting. Thank You

I’m not certain that it’s possible, but it highlights an interesting phenomenon and that is how ridiculous agents can be when the market slows down for them. The last few weeks, I’ve been busier, but agents have been scrutinizing photos, videos and iGuide. I prefer when they are too busy to care about those things.

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I’ve been looking at every Q&A and training but I don’t see it anywhere. I do think it would be a good enhancement. My iGuide tour has dark wood floors and they almost appear like they are glowing. It would be a great enhancement to soften them or maybe blend in a little more, if that ability isn’t there. I’ve seen it on another stitching software.

Realistically it is impossible to satisfy everyone. Indeed some people can never be satisfied. That being said I think having navigation circles is pretty important and I don’t really see navigating without them.

I would say 95 % of people love the product and are happy to work with it. Focus on pleasing them and growing their business.