Redfin vendor terms

After completing a basic listing assignment for a client I was informed that Redfin would be processing my invoice and I would be paid from them. OK. Then I received the Redfin vendor terms which I need to accept before they will pay me. Not OK. Especially since my work has been used on the listing now for a few weeks. Most of it I have no issues with, except for this item which really irritates me:
2. Licensing

a. Redfin will have license to use the images outside of the listing period for any purpose

No. I will not give blanket rights to my work for any purpose.
I think they are stuck on this being a checkbox item in their accounts system and they wont pay me until I sign it. I will not sign it without renegotiating the assignment fee. I’ve already wasted way more time with this than the assignment was worth.

Has anyone else signed these Redfin terms?

FYI this was a “photos only” assignment as the broker of record was on site with his new Matterport camera and he used that. I’m sure they didn’t get Matterport to sign the Redfin terms before adding their credit card to the Matterport account system.

I have not run into this with Redfin yet but have with other brokers occasionally. Honestly, it’s not a big deal. I understand where you’re coming from but you have to consider these things:

-the likelihood of them using it for anything other than the listing is VERY slim. And, if they do, they’ll probably just use it for a brochure or email, etc. They wouldn’t pay you–or anyone else–for this. So not like you’re losing anything on it.
-you already mentioned you’ve waited, “weeks,” to get paid. If you don’t agree to it, you won’t be paid and they already have the photos and are using them for the listing. You could request they be removed–and they should comply since you own the rights–but, if they refuse, it will cause a major problem. You could file a complaint with the MLS, etc. but do you want to get into that? That kind of thing gets around and will cost you business you won’t even know about. People don’t want conflict–even if you are right.
-having been in photography for almost 20 years, I’ve seen lots of people take this stance–not giving up any rights. And yes, you are right (no pun intended), however, as I pointed out, you may be losing more than you think you’re gaining. On top of that, what are the photos you took going to be used for by you? Probably nothing. So they’ll just sit on a hard drive or in a cloud somewhere and just take up space. So, is it really worth getting upset about it?

Bottom line, sometimes you have to pick your battles. IMO, this isn’t a battle worth losing money (or sleep) over. You might agree to it but find the right people to explain this isn’t the norm in the photography world and why it isn’t and why them having the rights to the images doesn’t really get them anything.

Just my opinion…

Hi Rick,
Thanks for your insight and opinion.
I know this, on an individual basis, isn’t a big deal. And I know the brokerage is using this term to protect themselves. And I also know the work is likely never to be seen again.
The agent in question is trapped in the middle and it’s not her fault. The issue I am having is an increasing level of this sort of activity with big business bullying us “little guys” with this. I’m not going to make a difference, I’m just one small business. But I don’t have to play along with this unfair activity. I’ve been in this industry for a while too.
Later the day I wrote my original post I sent an email back to their team and told them that since we can’t agree on terms they have to stop using my work immediately.

Yesterday the agent called me, accepted my terms, and told me she is going to pay the bill herself.

Maybe this gets back to the Redfin legal team and they consider it for the next version of their terms. Maybe not.

My advice, get paid up front, no discussion. Best decision I have ever made.

you handled it about as well as you could have Doug. Well-played.