Redfin Commercial

Saw a Redfin commercial showing Matterport virtual tours. Would be nice if they were showing iGuide!

We shoot for Redfin locally and have been pushing for iGUIDE from the inside. Apparently they have an exclusive agreement with Matterport and won’t even entertain the idea of another virtual tour company.

To be clear, on Redfin you can still include an iGuide as a virtual tour (external link). Maybe it doesn’t show up a prominently as Matterport (I’m not sure how Matterport shows up in a listing), but this shoot I did has the iGuide as the first virtual tour branded external link under the property details:

I believe the links in that section were from the ones the agent included in the MLS submission. I also realize that proeprty details section is way far down in the listing and so obscure, nobody is likely to ever find it. C’est la vie…

I am not seeing a tour link when I pull up the listing.

It’s way far down under a “property details” section which you have to expand. As I mentioned, it’s an obscure section of the listing which most people might never see, so it probably doesn’t do us much good… other than at least to be able to truthfully tell our clients that “yes, you can include a link to your iGuide tour in your MLS submission, and it will be displayed wherever various MLS connected sites include such links.”

Wow. They sure did not make easy to find!