Realtor received Iguide before i could look at it!

I just recently joined the iGuide family and I am still trying to get use to the process. I did an iGuide tour for a realtor yesterday and the very next morning I received the iGuide. I tried to quickly go through the iiGuide and make minor adjustments before sending to the realtor. Before I could edit one photo, the realtor called me and asked how to remove he brand. I was like, “How did you get the iGuide, I didn’t send it to you yet?” He told me that he received it this morning from iGuide. "WHAT???

I didn’t even put the realtor’s email address in the info tab, but the realtor got it! How is this and how do I prevent this from happening again? The realtor’s email address was on his logo brand image that I attached.

The way to prevent this is to not assign a banner to the iGuide. You will get a confirmation message that you have to click and say I know what I’m doing. Then add the banner after it comes in and you’re happy and send the report. You’ll need to verify that he is in the report subscription list and the analytics one as well.

However this as a rule adds way more work to the job - so it’s better to just make sure everything is good when you upload.

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It sounds like you specified the realtor’s email address in their banner. Since an IGuide inherits the banner emails, they would have received it.

To check this, go to that iGuide in the portal, and click iGuide Report on the left menu. You can quickly see what email addresses the email was sent to.

That’s my guess.

I do it two ways. For my own photography, I go ahead and leave the banner owner as an iGUIDE subscriber, knowing that i need to get those photos processed and uploaded before it gets auto-sent. When I subcontract iGuide only to other photogs, I unclick the banner owner as an iGUIDE subscriber so they can manually send the iGuide report a couple days later when their photos/video have been added.

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