Real-world time to capture a home

This is a repost from the old iGuide Facebook group.

Question for iGuide veterans: Real-world, actual time range to capture an average 2500 sq’ home (not including separate still captures)? Also, actual time range spent in post to prepare the upload to iGuide.

Since we are new these tasks take extra time. We need target times to aim ourselves to a productive workflow. Thank you!

Brian: You can definitely capture the iGuide data on 2500 sq ft in about 30 min but it depends on how complicated the home is. Finished basements take much longer to capture than you think because of all closets, storage, furnace room, etc. At the most it would be 45 min.

Rick: It takes me approximately 20-30 minutes to shoot stills for a house about that size. Takes me about 20 minutes to scan for iGuide but, as Brian mentioned, it does depend on the complexity but 20-30 minutes should be a good estimate.

Joe: Great! 30 min has been our target. How about the time in post to prepare for the upload to iGuide?

Brian: Doing the post work in Stitch really is just five minutes. It takes about a minute or two to export and another minute to upload. So total should be 10 minutes.

Doug: I typically do that size of home, including still image capture, in 50 minutes. I’m using IMS4 so if you have IMS5 you should be able to do it faster. I will do a full iGuide process, including still images, in 7-10 minutes (time taken from time to plug in the USB until I hit the export button in Lightroom).

Can you please direct me to the instructions on shooting stills with the IMS5?
Thank you!

The following is from Taking Still Pictures, pg. 14 of the Camera Manual:
If you want to take a still picture for the iGUIDE image gallery, reposition the camera and tap the
Still Image button to take one fisheye image instead of a panorama. You do not need to use the “+1”
button for still images, the camera will create and name image folder automatically. A still image
can be captured from the single fisheye image later in Stitch.

Download the manual here!

Also, please see Take Snapshots, pg. 27!

Hi Evan,

I’ve never tried using the single shot because of the fisheye lens. Maybe there’s an easy way to extract a nice photo using a lens correction program. Can you send me a sample of anyone’s photo work that’s using their Iguide to do both 3D and Pix.