Radix product

Hi Guys. A couple of questions I need assistance with please?
Firstly, for the new Radix product? Does it only work with the Planix 3D camera, or can the IMS5 also be used? I have the IMS5 and my client loves the quality of the images that I showed him. Thus far I only did standard iGuide packages. But my new client does not need or want the floorplans. They really only want the images and the stitched virtual tour? Will the same or similar report be send for the Radix with the links for the downloads? ( i.e. The high-res image gallery and offline iGuide and photo spheres)
How do I go about as an existing operator to be able to use the Radix product? is there different software or application on the cell phone needed? Are there instructions on how to use it? Thank you for your assistance.

I suspect few of us have used Radix yet because it is so new, so I would open a support ticket to get answers from Planitar directly.