quick "open with" (photoshop) and "reload" button

I have read discussions about adding a blur tool. I personally use this a lot. Now I have to go to a scan, right click, choose “open folder” and then from there load the “h1” file into photoshop, edit it, save it over the original (I always start with a backup, so nothing is lost), go back to stitch, and then via right-click, “reload” it again into stitch. This takes a lot of time when doing 100+ pano’s.

By adding 2 buttons on the “adjust panorama” feature this process could be a lot faster. The “adjust panorama” page (wizard hat) is best for inspecting the photo to see which parts need blurring, and it would be cool to be able to directly press a button to open that photo with photoshop (or other editing software), and a 2nd button to quickly re-load the photo into stitch. All of this can be done now, but it’s demanding a lot of mouse clicks (both left and right). So maybe there is a simpler and easier way to go about this? This would by-pass the development of a separate blur tool, but would still increase the workflow and time spent editing. I could do more tours in less time that way :grin: