QR Codes for iGUIDEs

We’ve had a few clients suggest that iGUIDE adds QR codes for the tours.

What are you looking to do with QR codes?

Anybody can create a qr code for any page for free. Here’s a short how to using Chrome

100%, we’ve sent those sites to our clients, they just want to eliminate any extra steps, and have mentioned some of our competition is offering them.

Not us, it’s our clients!

Sounds like a small extra revenue stream. Tell them you can provide a QR code with every listing for an additional 10-20 dollars and then do it and send it to them.

I understand that. What I don’t understand is how they want to use the QR codes within an iGuide.

Sorry, totally missed this video was for direct in chrome, thank you for this!! I’ll make sure to send that to them. We still think this is something iGUIDE should do to eliminate extra steps for users, and especially since realtors don’t always use Chrome or are tech savy enough to do these extra steps.

Do they just want to create a QR code for an iGuide link? There are piles of ways of doing that. e.g. https://www.qr-code-generator.com/, https://express.adobe.com/tools/qr-code-generator, and lots of others.

They don’t want to use QR codes within an iGUIDE, they want to take the specific properties QR code and have them used in their marketing like print or on their signs.

It’s pretty simple to use the method @londonhousephoto suggested or copy and paste an iGuide link into one of the websites I posted above (which work with any browser).

While it might be handy to have a QR code included when downloading photos from an iGuide, what happens if the iGuide URL changes and a client keeps using a QR code that points to a broken link? I’m thinking some level of tech savviness should be expected.