QR Code Added To Feature Sheet


We have had multiple agents ask for a QR code generator to be added to the feature sheet creator if and when possible. So when a prospective buyer scans the Feature Sheet it takes them to the iGuide.

Many thanks


Smart idea!!

I have recently had a couple realtors ask the same. there some free sites to make a QR codes however it would be nice have it provided

I have been working with QR codes and instead of checking our tose free/not so free sites, just load the page you want the code for and right click your mouse and you can create the code there.



sorry long night. I meant to say “and load to Google Chrome and right click”

Ian - Thank you - that is genius and so easy to do! A hidden feature!

Yes it is so easy. Took me a while to find it too.

FYI you can make them pretty small on web and in print if quality is good. Just test with your device to make sure before you publish. I pushed one too small, oops it was print!.
All the best.