Putting outbuildings on one floor

I am working in Mexico and a lot of properties have outbuildings (casitas etc). It would be beneficial if I could have the option to make it all one floor plan. The drafters actually did an incredible job with this one! But I had to go back and bug them to do it… I would rather not waste their time and be able to do this myself or have it as an option to do it myself.

iGUIDE 3D Tour for 302 Esperanza Camino De La Vista, Cabo San Lucas, BCS (youriguide.com)


hi Paris, how did you do it? did you scan each outbuildings and put it on a different floor? did you ask them to merge these plans?

Wow. Amazing property

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Great job. I need to ask for this on ky tour.

Hey Michele, my spouse and I work together. He actually made a separate floor originally for the casita but I knew the clients would not be happy that they can’t easily navigate into the casita (they JUST had a matterport done and this was one of their complaints). So when I uploaded it in stitch I moved all the shots into the main floor and deleted the “casita floor”. When I got it back it magically still ended up on a separate floor. I sent a ticket asking for support and they said they could add a floor icon to move into it. But meanwhile I resent the stitch file for reupload and wrote in comments to please make the casita all on one floor and they did it for me! It came out absolutely perfect and I hope they make this an option so I don’t have to make them re edit it every time we shoot a property with casitas.

Hi Paris, thank you for your reply, today I will have to do a survey with several small external buildings, I will use your method