Proposals for the insurance industry

Hello all,

I see that you have started to add more and more options for insurance companies, which we very much welcome

It would be really interested for a insurances if you could add the possibilities that your techniques could also add the wall measurement for each room (more accurately quantity in m2 of painting job). You could add the algorithm that when lidar scans the walls you get the measurement for floor plans. But when a user would check the option for painting quatity we could measure on site each floor and ensure the correct parameter for height.It wouldn’t matter if measurement includes door and windows as that would still just be a good assessment of a paint job (for example, in the fire there always need to be painted all floors where smoke went as there isn’t another way to remove that odour).

Also in 3DVista there is an option that you can make double pairs (comparing with a slider) of a same project in different timelines (like before and after remediation and see them on on screen simultaneously). We will shoot more and more project twice (securing evidence) as we started implementing a new option for our customers after damage for hiring our own contractors through assistance line.

Please let me know if this is something you could work on,