Problems with Pre-published/Rejected iGUIDE Email

I received a pre-published iGUIDE last night for one of our properties and sent a ticket in right away. When reviewing it I couldn’t find any obvious area from the plan that was missing or was not scanned.

The email from support/drafting should contain a screenshot, and at the very least a line of text detailing the missing space or the reason that lead to the data being put to a pre-published state. I sent an email to support last night with nothing so far, followed up this morning and the support team does not know what the issue seems to be and is trying to track down the cause. This information should all be in the initial email for times like this where it may not be obvious what’s missing due to partial panos, etc.

I had a similar situation. I went ahead and published after sending in the ticket for support. Nothing was wrong with the finished product and I’d forgotten about it till I read your message. I don’t believe they ever followed up to tell me why I received that message.

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I’ve had it happen again this morning with an iGUIDE in a pre-published state, but it’s not actually missing any space, it’s been pre-published because it has a below grade level that was not completed as part of the package. I think it is essential for support/drafting to send out the details or screenshot for the issue with the original pre-published email.

Here with another update. I had our first rejected iGUIDE this morning. There were no details in the rejected email to tell us what was missing/wrong from the submission. I submitted a ticket first thing and when I heard back a couple hours later, they did not know what the error was and said they’d look into it for us. I followed up later again, and when they got back to me, it was a mistake. It was meant to be put to pre-published and not rejected because it had more than enough data to draft it, but a space was missing below grade.

This is a perfect example of why there absolutely needs to be details regarding the problem when sending out the original pre-published/rejected emails. That or the support/drafting team should create a ticket/send an email separately with explanation when sending that notice out. It is extremely unhelpful to get these emails and then have to wait for a long time for a reply with the basic information regarding what’s wrong. By then we may have also run out of time to submit additional data if needed, our clients are without their packages for an additional day, etc. We can only guess so much when reviewing the raw data. So far with every one of these that we’ve had since the update was made, I’ve needed to submit a ticket for what was wrong even after reviewing raw data or screenshots, and a couple of times now they were drafting mistakes.