Pricing on Airbnb's

I know I’m going to charge premium pricing for doing Airbnb’s mainly because it will be almost a perpetual thing. Wondering about pricing?

Is it even possible to host an iguide on Airbnb?
I’ve never seen that done, and I’d do one for my own place if I knew how.

The answer is yes

I think the challenge is that AirBNB does not allow for external links without using workarounds like you’ve pointed out. And even using external URLs in messages is blocked and AirBNB will send dire warnings about being blocked from the platform for doing that. (The last time I looked, they only supported a single technology provider for virtual tours.)

As for pricing, on the one hand, it’s probably the same amount of time and work for you as a real estate shoot, but the value proposition for the client is long-term, so I’d be thinking along the lines of twice your rate for real estate.

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Thank you. Link came from community AIRBNB. But I will have my friend looking into it to make sure about posting.

I think a workaround to AirBNB’s restrictions could be to create a stand alone website for an AirBNB property, ensuring that SEO is optimized for the property address. Then, in the AirBNB messaging system the owner could tell clients to Google the property address for more details without sharing any external links.

For the record, I don’t know if that’s allowed by AirBNB or how effective it would be, but it seems promising.

I wrote a how to
I’ve had a VT in my Airbnb for years now.

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Thank you for sharing this!

I wrote a how to. I’ve had a VT in my Airbnb for years now.

Nice. Those are the workarounds posted in the link above too.

Are those officially supported by AirBNB?