Pricing For Apartment Building That Changes Hands

I did iGuides for several units of an apartment building for a developer/owner last year. The developer has sold the building and wants me to put the new owner on the distribution for Analytics. Should I charge the new owner for access since they’re essentially getting it for free? Has anyone run across a similar situation?

I haven’t had an experience with this, so this is only speculation, but unless you have a contract with the current owner that says access isn’t transferable, they probably assumed it wasn’t an issue and have already included that perk with the sale. If you’re friendly with them, you may ask to what extent they have committed access to the new owners, but my guess is you’re going to be met with considerable tension if it was “included” in the sale. In other words, the original owner sold the access they originally bought from you. You’d be taking them off and replacing them with the new owner. Just my impression not knowing anything about the situation.

Thanks Brian. That makes sense. We’re on very good terms with the sellers, so I will tap them to find out more. My sense is the iGuide tour was an afterthought and not overtly included in the sale, but I’ll find out.
I guess if anything, the new owner may provide new opportunitie$!

I would provide him with access but any changes or updates would require additional work and thus would be billed accordingly.

Also like you said he may have other properties and if he likes it then you might get work for him on the other properties that he owns.