Price of property - should this be included in the iGuide viewer

As we expand, more and more clients are using the iGuide viewer alone to advertise the property - ie. posting to social media, sending by email and embedding on their website.

Clients are asking for property price to be included in the iGuide viewer, as this is the first thing other agents and buyers look at.

I would love to know your thoughts on this…

Thanks and Happy Monday!

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Good Idea!

Good idea - except when the agents ‘forget’ to tell you about a price drop or 2 … That could actually hurt them. Personally, I’d rather leave it off.

What I would really like to see is another tab at the top. We currently have 3D tour, Photos, Details and Map. We also have Video if we embed a video url. I’d like to see one more tab - MLS. As with the video this would only be there if the MLS number or URL is entered.
No-one has to make any changes because it is simply an embedded link to the MLS page.

I like the idea of the MLS button. What would it take to create?

I disagree with referencing MLS link. I’ve often copied and pasted the MLS description into the details tab (which usually ends with the MLS number), but the iGUIDE player is a single-property website, which is meant to focus attention on that one property to the exclusion of all competing properties. Do we really want to lead viewers down the path, or keep their obsession focused on your agent’s listing?

Because it’s embedded it’s within the iGuide as opposed to outside the box