Presets in Stitch

Can we have you add a Save Preset option in Stitch for post processing? A lot of us constantly apply the same settings to every pano, with small tweaks here and there of course depending on the room. The copy and paste option is great, but we always have to recreate the first one again from scratch for every new house we do. Since we shoot a lot of homes, for us it makes this very very redundant. To offer us the option to save a couple of presets where the settings are saved and can be applied to the next project would be amazing and save us a few min every time which add up to a lot in the end.

Let me know if that’s doable? Thanks as always! Phil.

Good idea. Will add a drop-down with the few preset entries into which current settings can be saved to or applied from. How many entries is enough?

At least 2 would be great! Thanks!! :slight_smile: