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I believe the premium iguide billing could use an overhaul. For example today I had a 4500 sqft house that my client wanted a premium iguide for. the main floor is great with a a kitchen and two baths. the lower floor is just one bath in 2300 sqft. Not getting much for the extra cost there, not to mention the detached garage and the old cabin used as a storage shed now. The cost is passed on to my client so i dont care, however, It seems like a waste that turns some off from a premium iguide.


Just pass the cost on as you do. I’ve done a hundreds of iguides throughout the years and have never ordered anything other than premium. On my website it just says iguide. Not iguide standard. Iguide premium. I’ve padded my prices enough that anything within the 4000 to 4999 sq ft is the same price for the client and I’m happy. Just my $.02

What do you charge? My base is up to 2500 sq feet.

I couldn’t agree more, it’s not worth it.
Even Matterport for the $15 adds in those items.

I 100% agree with this. My clients like the Premium level but it’s ridiculous that I have to pay premium for the 2400sf workshop that they decide to scan as well as the home. In those scenarios I end up using Cubicasa for that space instead of iGUIDE. In a perfect world … I’d happily pay 4c/sf in the “premium” rooms and 2c/sf everywhere else. If I could control which rooms/buildings were premium, I wouldn’t mind paying more than 3c/sf.

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Those are created by CubiCasa

I do pass it along and some clients dont care about the cost. however, some are on a budget and paying an extra $100+ sometimes is too much just to have a fancy drawing on a kitchen… a better pricing structure could give a better quality product at a more affordable rate, setting iGuide ahead of others

The VR comes on the premium version at no extra charge. I believe that the VR as an add-on is for the standard version.

Respectfully you are mistaken. Any premium iGuide done automatically has VR included. The icon is at the bottom right of the screen and if you click it you will be told that you need a VR headset to actually experience it.
If you go to book a standard iGuide you are given the option of a paid add-on for VR. If you go to book a premium that option disappears as it is already included.

You are right, I am mistaken. I’ve used it twice. Let’s revisit the other 50% of the issue, and the issue is…why are we paying extra for a few toilets to be drawn in?

A floorplan from Matterport is $20. Period.

I agree, I charge two different prices for standard and premium and my clients only ever get the premium when it suits them, but don’t see the value add for the price.

Here’s a suggestion. Make the main building Premium, then create a separate iGUIDE using Standard for any other detached buildings. So a 1500 sq ft Premium you pay 4 cents a sq ft, and a 1500 workshop on the property is going to cost you 2 cents a sq ft. This won’t work for home basements but exterior buildings might be worth it as long as they are not extremely small, say under 500 sq ft.

At Premium a 1500 sq ft home plus 1500 sq ft workshop cost you $120 approx

Using a mix the Premium cost for a 1500 sq ft Home is $60 and using Standard for 500-1500 sq ft workshop the cost is $30

Total for Premium and Standard at the same address would be $90 approx.

Just make two separate iGUIDES for the same address if the cost is going to be an issue.