Possibility to insert a square layer logo or other connection indication between the outside of a main-building and an additional structure on the property, so that you know there is more?

Why is there such a helpful square layer logo between a main-floor and first floor but not between the main structure an additional structure on the property while the additional structure it is handled like another floor in Survey and Stich!?

I’m quite happy with the outcome of my first tour: https://youriguide.com/214_el_quijote_la_barra_uy_ma_uy

The only thing that bothers me is the connection to the second structure and wonder what I could have done differently so that visitors understand that you can enter that structure as well. Only one who clicks on the floorplans and looks for other levels will find out about the possibility to enter the Studio/Shed. Now if you stand outside on the east side of the main building you don’t see the white circle on the terrace of the Studio/Shed with the possibility to enter and might end the tour on the outside of the main building. For example, inside of the main floor you see a sign indicating that there is another level to access but I don’t have that same square sign between the main house and Studio/Shed.

Maybe it would be good in Stitch to have a view of the entire project and not only the floors by itself so that you can move the structures in relationship to each other and maybe that would produce another floorplan which shows you all the structures in relationship to each other.

Anyway, this topic is important to me for the future, as we have many large properties down here which sometimes have 4-5 different buildings. So, it would be good to know how or to which floor to best allocate these outdoor shots so that you can be sure that the visitor can move from one building to the other in the tour without having to look through the different floorplans for other structures.

Because it’s a freestanding separate structure, that’s the way the drafting team have to lay it out as there is no direct access between the 2 structures. You took enough panos though to give people a clear idea of how the property as a whole is laid out. As a side note, I love that artwork in the studio and the home. Does the artist have a website?

Thanks for the input Matthew ! The tour is my own home and I used it as the first tryout. The artist is myself :wink: https://www.saatchiart.com/Realralph

Hi Ralph,
Great job for a first tour!
That is a beautiful home, it looks like you will have a lot of fun shooting these homes.
I got to spend some time near Buenos Aires (working in a factory) a few years ago. I loved the place and would love to go back again. It looks like you are not too far from there (well…should I say relative to me here in Atlanta!)

If I could make an observation (not a criticism, just an observation) did you know that you can change the initial view for each 360 image, so that when you click on each view you will have a more pleasing initial view.

For example, in the dining room, if it opened to the long view of the dining room table instead of to a wall, it would be more inviting.

I’m not sure I totally understand your question, but as I was typing I see that Matthew gave the answer that I was also going to give.

Also wanted to mention that, if you are creating floor plans for all of these outhouse buildings, you will have a drafting cost per square foot for all this additional square area. Make sure you factor this cost into what you are charging your clients.

Best wishes,

Oh wow! Very cool, I really like your art! I’ll have a look at your website, thanks so much for sharing. And all the best with your future iGuide tours. I’d say you maybe did a few too many panos in each room and outdoors, but I get wanting to get all the best vantage points and views when you are first practicing.

Hi Ralph—I just want to say nice job! This looks very professional and I couldn’t believe when I hit the map feature I discovered you are in Uruguay! How cool. And then a little later I see your iGUIDE featured on the iGUIDE Facebook page. How cool. And this is your home and you are the artist and there is a a link to your website in this forum. Wow—keep up the good work!

Very nice, Ralph. You’re in my homeland. I was born just down the road in Montevideo, but I’m in Canada now. And your artwork is brilliant. Great work – and property – all around!

Hi Peter, that is actually great input! I did not know that and I don’t remember seeing that in any of the tutorials. Thanks for that!

Hi there and thank you for nice comment! Great people in this iGUIDE community!

Hi Leroy, thanks and that means a lot coming from you! I have seen a lot of very good input from you in the last few month in this forum. Super that we have a Uruguay connection. We lived in Toronto for 3 years so I do know Canada well and loved it but we also like it down here a lot! Keep up all your very helpful input in this forum. If you are ever in the Punta area let me know so we go for a drink to “La Huella”!

Ralph, I think Chris covered it in one of the early sessions. Around session 2 or 3. When you go into edit and look at the each view. Notice the ‘set initial angle’ on the top right (see image) it will really help the look of your tours.
This is also where you can hide views (for example most realtors never want me to show the garage. I guess they are not car guys like me!) So I alway have to hide the garage.
Again, lovely home BTW. I didn’t realize it was your own home until after I read all the notes.

I’m glad that you’ve been finding the operator community helpful. We all benefit from that.

You bet I’ll be in touch next time I’m in la patria! Saludos.

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Super peter, thanks again!!