Portal Functionality

Hi there,

I’m finding the iGuide Portal interface lacking and a bit frustrating. With having over 50 iGuides now, the organization and knowing which ones are locked and which ones are active is exhausting. It would be great to either have a folder system to move iGuides into or even better would be a drop down option on each from the main page that you can make and see if they’re locked or not.

I 100% agree that there should be an Active/Inactive label showing for each iGUIDE on the main portal page showing all of our iGUIDEs.

I agree. It’s sometimes a PITA to find old iGuides. We’ve got hundreds up there and it’s confusing.

I also wish there was a faster way to see if an IGuide is locked or not It can be time consuming for agents wishing to follow up on all their IGuide listing

I agree. A small icon on the iGUIDE list that indicates whether a property is active would be helpful.

And another icon on the same list that shows if Stitch data has been uploaded for a property would be helpful too. I’m always paranoid that on busy days I will forget to upload the data.