PMRE Conference in Vegas November 9-11, 2022

Any operators planning to attend the PMRE Conference in Vegas in November?

Sadly, you have to be 21 which is super stupid so I cannot attend. Wheres the love for the young crowd lol

Sadly, I can’t remember back 40 years. Enjoy your youth.

I’m booked and eager to be there in person. I’ve attended virtually the last two years. Looking forward to seeing the good folks from Planitar there. I’ve registered for the commercial photography intensive the day before with Brian Berkowitz. Tom, are you asking because you’re going? I tried to convince Leroy to go, but he’s unable this year.

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I can’t wait to go again. The people from iGuide are amazing in person! I signed up for how to shoot luxury properties.

Where they have the conference has two bars that serve alcohol. So that could be the reason for having to be 21.

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You will enjoy the Commercial section with Brian… He conversationally frames things well. Good photographer also.


I would like to go but cannot find a link to sign up

[PMRE Registration]
This is the link to sign up .

Hey Todd, yes I am going. Looking forward to meeting you and the Planitar gang. I am doing the residential real estate photography with Rich Baum on Monday. No plans for Tuesday yet. Perhaps a chance to takes some photos somewhere.

I’m going. This will be my 2nd year, and I’m looking forward to it!

If it wasn’t for my partner’s surgery, you wouldn’t have to even try to convince me – I would just be there.

I’m envious of those of you who are able to go this year. It’s sure to be an educational and motivational gathering.

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not an operator yet but this conference is a short drive for me so I might be tempted to attend

Which workshop is for the iGuide?

First of all. If you are thinking of attending, you should hurry up and register. The last time I checked there were only 38 seats left before they are sold out.

The only workshop where they may discuss iGuide is the Commercial one with Brian Berkowitz. He did a segment on iGuide in his online school. He might discuss it during his Workshop.

I do not think iGuide will be in any of the other Workshops. I am sure they will be attending as a vender though.

You’re correct about iGUIDE’s participation. Brian’s not likely to spend a lot of time promoting or training on iGUIDE, but I’m looking forward to participating in his intensive! Michael V and Chris White and maybe others will be there from Planitar as vendor-sponsors. I look forward to meeting them and will make myself available to any iGUIDErs who’d like to talk shop.
…I’ll be the guy who looks like me…


I think PLANITAR is hosting a lunch for iGUIDE operators on one of the days.

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We are sponsoring the event, hosting a lunch & learn, and we will be there in person (including myself).

We are giving away a camera as well!


I will be there! Looking forward to seeing Chris again and more of those iGuide users.


They just announced that there are only 7 spots left. If you want to go, hurry up. They will be sold out.

Now sold-out, but there’s a waiting list pending opening up a few expansion spots if you’re still considering it. Looking forward to meeting some fellow iGUIDERs.