Please Help! Made a mistake editing my pano

Okay this is a little embarrassing but I’m learning some things still. What I’ve done is heavily edited one of my pano images after my iGuide was fully drafted. Now I have three images (the fisheye images) for a pano I need to replace but nothing to stitch it together.

So iGuide drafters if you can help that would awesome, it’s just one image or if anyone on the forum here can stitch my pano together since I don’t have software to stitch 360 panos. This pano has to go out sometime today.

Next time I’ll download my stitched pano from my iGuide and edit it that way.

Did you edit the fisheye images? h1, h2, or h3.jpg?

Yes, that’s exactly what I did :frowning:

Never again

That’s no problem. Here’s how to update it using Stitch:

  1. Open your project in Stitch
  2. Right click on the pano folder that corresponds to the one you have edited in the folder tree and choose Reload (you should see your updated pano in the preview)
  3. Click the Export project button
  4. Find your property on the myiGUIDEs page of the iGUIDE user portal
  5. Click the blue Edit button
  6. Click the Replace Pano Images button on the left
  7. Select the pano that corresponds to the one you have edited on the preview iGUIDE
  8. Scroll down and click the dotted upload box
  9. Select and upload the s.pic file found in the folder that corresponds to the pano you have edited.

An easy way to find the s.pic file is to right click on the pano folder in Stitch and choose open folder. You will see he s.pic file along side the h1, h2, and h3.jpgs you edited earlier.

I often have a third-party do editing to all my photos spheres. It would be really nice to have a way to re-upload all the spheres in bulk.
Thank you

Oh my gosh thank you Chris! That worked great!

It would impossible to assign them to correct panos without having original Stitch metadata. Why not have the 3rd party do all Stitch work and upload completed Stitch project for you to the portal?