Please change the MOVING DIRECTION of the Video

As our eyes (in western society) read from Left to Right, it would be natural to have the iGuide video move from Left to Right. In my opinion, the current movement is completely unnatural.

It would be great to have an option to boost the SAME VIDEO speed by +25-50%.


This is a great idea. Left to right definitely makes more sense. And an option to increase video speed would be useful, especially for the people that use the auto play feature.


I agree, left to right panning would be better!


You will find great value in the new option to disable the video play button. There are only a few cases in my opinion where the play button should be used, and by default having it available on all of your iGUIDES is going to lead to client dissatisfaction, confusion and a poor user experience. Iā€™d suggest you do what I have done and just turn it off.
At least until Planitar has the resources available to create a tool that allows us to customize the user experience and create something compelling. The current option does not help us.

Thanks for responding Doug.