PLANIX users - window exposure issues

I’ve had trouble with blown highlights and missing details from bright sunlight coming in windows. For stills I normally shoot bracketed images with DLSR and use strobe light set up to get everything exposed evenly.

I understand the technology in the Planix/Theta won’t match this but hoping to step it up at least a little bit more.

Do you connect directly to the Theta and Shoot RAW HDR for troublesome rooms? Are there any ND filters that would work? Maybe you use lights to compensate?

Would love to hear how you deal with bright windows and dark rooms!

I have no suggestions but new iGuide user here and noticing the same things! I saw in another post turning it so the side of the theta is facing the window not the lens. It has worked somewhat but still way more blown out than I’d like

Yea I’ve tried that as well with mixed results.

  • I just ordered a Bushman 360 Halo LED which sits under the Planix. I will post up how much difference it makes when I get it.

I am very interested in what you find. Yet, it looks to me that the Bushman 360 may not be bright enough. Please let us know!

I would be careful mounting the light below the camera. You may have issues with shadows above counters and furniture.

Thanks, that’s a good point. Might have to blend in photoshop - a light on and light off image if it helps clean up the blown highlights. I will have to wait and see.

I have the same problem
Id usually shoot bracketed and get amazing results, but this in camera JPG then only being able to edit JPG is awful.
It’s unusable

I’m new to the Theta Z1 and to iGUIDE and from my limited experience so far there is definitely work to be done to get better results.

Utopia would, of course, be to get the kind of imaging that the Dual Fisheye plugin delivers and this would elevate the Planix to a whole new level.

Appreciate the newness of all this tech is a dynamic and live project for all concerned but here’s hoping the tech genius team can tap into this soon

I noticed this in the demos before I bought the camera. I just take a separate set of photos with my DSLR and just use the iGuide report as an add on to my standard RE photography package. I don’t feel I can sell this as a stand alone product with the photos blown out in places.

You can shoot RAW with the Z1.

Yes, but I believe that RAW imaging is only available when directly connected to Theta, not through the Planix system?
Are you using RAW Theta images for your IGuide tours? If so, it would be great to know your workflow. thanks

I’m still (patiently) wating for my iGuide/Planix to arrive so I haven’t tried. I will as soon as it comes in .I have a Z1, though, so that’s why I answered.

Please give the option to save DNG+JPG, I have some shots that are ruined trying to adjust JPG’s
I can stitch the dual fish eye photo no problem, just allow us the option, I don’t care if it takes more time or space, I focus on quality.