Planix training help.

I just upgraded to the planex pro because I’m starting to get more requests for DWG and 3D floor plans with elevations.

I just picked up two projects and need to dive in deep to make sure that I’m scanning properly for these two projects in 10 days. Elevations are really important to them so I want to make sure I do it correctly.

Can someone direct me to some training to learn how to do this so I can practice on my house before I do these two commercial projects.

I have done a couple other commercial projects but using the IM5.

Any information or videos you can direct me to would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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I have an iguide playlist on my YouTube channel where I show how to scan with the Planix pro

Hi Paul,

Here is a guide on Advanced Capture Requirements. This covers elevations and how to capture them as well as some additional capture requirements. We also have some training on facility management that covers how to scan in commercial spaces.

Hi Sparks, I saw your YouTube channel and noticed that you also use M…T, I wanted to kindly ask if you have experience with plants, are they accurate? Have you noticed a difference between the plans drawn up by iGuide and those by M…? I’m asking you this because for us Europe/Italy is always a bit of a disaster as we have irregular walls etc… and the iGuide people snub us. Thank you