Planix Pro For Sale - Like New

I have decided to sell my new Planix Pro set-up. I used it for 2 small jobs. As new in the case with all accessories. You will not be disappointed. $2100 shipped in the continental US and no import duties or tax:)

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Ken, don’t you have an IMS-5?
I’ve been debating if the Planix might be worth the investment, to speed up the time it takes to do regular homes.
I’d be curious to know if you do have an IMS-5 and if you have, if you preferred it over Planix.
Personally I do love the IMS-5, it just take a long time to get all 9 images captured.
(that, and I tend to over-shoot because of habits I picked up when we were doing surveys for a certain unnamed company that were very curious to know exact square foot areas or rooms, floors, homes…having to shoot every closet etc)


Yes, I have the IMS-5. In fact I was going to sell my backup. I decided that the IMS-6 is not what I am looking for. I believe my clients who use iGuide are using me because I can deliver a high quality product designed to work on all platforms. My best customers are using these tours for marketing purposes and detail is important. The IMS-5 produces much cleaner and detailed imagery. I had the luxury recently to shoot 2 high high end retailers stores. I shot one with the Planix and one with the IMS-5 and there was no comparison in image quality. Even though most users will view these tours on an iPhone, most of my clients are very image quality focused. It makes my life more difficult, but they are the clients I have. I do love the Planix’s updated 2D lidar and app. If I was able to establish a residential realty client base where speed was critical, I would keep the Planix. Horses for courses as they say.

I should also add that the residential realty clients I do have insist on Matterport:(

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Thanks Ken, I believe we are in the school of thought. Sorry your clients prefer the ‘M’ word. I’ve been lucky so far and found them very receptive.

Camera still for sale - $2000 shipped in continental US.

Would you mind sharing a sample of the 2 stores with the different cameras?