Planix Pro Camera for sale

Hi all!
I am hoping to sell my Planix pro camera. I have not used it and don’t think I am going to be able to make this swing. If you are intrerseted in buying it feel free to contact me.

Bailey Burdick

It would be helpful to others if you post where you are located and how much you’re asking.

In Abbotsford BC, Canada.
Asking $3000.

Aren’t they on sale for 2100 currently new?

Planix Pro on sale for $2900 CAN at the moment.

$2199 US currently. See link below unless it only works in the US.

You are both right, 2900 CAD equals 2200 USD.

Is this still available? What is your email or phone so I can text or email you

My like new unit is still available if his is not. Let me know.


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