Planix Core For Sale - With or Without Theta Z1 (Edmonton, AB)

Hi, I’m located in Edmonton, Alberta and I’m looking to sell my Planix Core that I purchased last spring. I’ve played with it a bit around home, but never actually took it to a shoot or incorporated it into my workflow, so it only has a couple hours on it. Getting out of real estate photography, thus selling it.

Planix Core alone: 1500.00 CAD
Planix Core with Theta Z1: 2400.00 CAD

Shoot me a message if you’re interested, cheers!

Is this still available? Looking for the whole unit. Have you taken the Z1 off?

Hey Dan, yes it’s available. The Z1 is on it and it is aligned. This is the core that did not come with a Z1, I bought the Z1 separately and installed it, was an easy process to install and align.

Im assuming Aligned and calibrated are different terms?

I recently purchased a Plantix that was sold as the non calibrated version (they used to sell the 3 models core, uncalibrated and calibrated). Is calibrating it possible or only for the planitar team.

Yes lens alignment and lens calibration are two different things. While lens alignment is done in Survey and is a simple process, my understanding is that the lens calibration is done by the Planitar team and the data is stored on the Planix before it ships, and is tied to the Z1’s serial number. Perhaps they do not sell uncalibrated versions other than the Core any more and all the Pro versions are calibrated now? Don’t have an answer to that one. Uncalibrated vs calibrated lenses, both provide the same accuracy for linear and square footage measurements on floor plans (Measure Mode 1), while calibrated can potentially be anywhere up to 3 times more accurate when measuring in 3D space using images (Modes 2 and 3).

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Right, i assumed as much. Im sure this will very rarely ever be an issue. Although ive thought about trying to get more into the interior designer/architecture sector and that level of accuracy might be required.