Planix + 3DVista Combined


In case you want to see the comparison between Planix iGuide and 3DVista.

Both are shot using the Theta Z1. In Planix using standard shooting mode while in 3Dvista shot in Dual Fish Eye plugin 9 HDR DNG.

The Planix mode is in the Plan View Mode.

Appreciate your feedback.



Hello Dennis, very nice job! I’m currently working on this one. Las Carcavas, Rocha
A 3DVista with two integrated iGUIDEs. All panos in the hybrid tour are either Drone or Spheres shot by the IMS-5.

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Hi Dennis,
The experience with the Fisheye plugin version is of lower quality imo… To much blue and yellow saturation and the images seem unsharp… The highlights are blown out on the planix version but i still find the experience better…
Thanks for sharing this, it is good to see the side by side comparison

Nice work Dennis! Trying to break into the commercial application of this and these real world samples help a great deal. Keep up the great work.

Great work Ralph!

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Thats an awesome tour!

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