Planitar Amendments Overwriting Room Labels and Panos To Their Default Settings


When a floor plan is sent back to Planitar for amendments (e.g. adding room labels or measurements, converting from Standard to Premium, etc), any amendments that have been made previously by an editor (agent or licensee) are overwritten and the floor plan/iGuide is reset to the original default. This has caused confusion and frustration for clients when redoing their amendments. Sometimes this can be multiple amendments over a few weeks that have been deleted when a Planitar amendment has been done. Is there a workaround for this? Many thanks

Currently you need to inform clients that any iGuide edits that cannot be done on the portal and require intervention by the drafting team will reset all label changes done on the portal.

This will change with the rollout of our new Draft software and changes to the portal in support of it. However, since iGuide supports multiple views with independent edits to each view, it will be possible to inherit changes made to one view only (selectable) and all other views will be deleted. Since in majority of cases iGuide has only one default view, this will have minimal impact.

With the new software, editors will be able to add new labels on the portal, provided those labels are not room dimensions or room floor area (new feature) - those formats will be detected and disallowed.

Thank you for your reply Alex and we look forward to the new Draft software.
In the meantime I think it best to maybe just send the updated iGuide to us the licensee and then we can make the other preexisting corrections/amendments before it gets passed on to the client. Maybe as an option and not mandatory.

You could save an offline version of iGuide as a backup before requesting the changes from the drafting team and then use it to restore the edits in the updated iGuide uploaded by the drafting team. So, when your client requests such changes, first question should be whether they made any label edits they would like to keep.