Photoshopping Out Items

I had a couple of shots where I had my car, and the camera captured, and I didn’t want that. I pulled the individual pictures in question into Light Room, and erased the unwanted items. I then saved the hi.jpg back in their respective folders.

I assumed I would have to have a new draft done, and went to upload the corrected files into stitch. However when I do this, it doesn’t treat it as a new project (even though I changed the file name to include the word Road vs. Rd. from the first upload.

Any idea how to accomplish the new upload to include the photoshopped pictures?

I think you just have to create a new tar file and then “update stitch data” from the iGuide side menu.

The place with all the answers is the help center:

Have a look at Pano Image Replacement | iGUIDE Help Center.

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