Photo Quality

Just a question regarding the use of the Z1 with Planix.

Typically when I use my Z1, I use the Dual Fisheye Plugin that gives me HDR-DNG files which are processed then I reduce the noise using Topaz Denoise - the photos are night and day.

The problem with using the Z1 and Planix, is that we are stepping back in time when it comes to the quality of the photos.

It is not feasible to have to take the Z1 off the planix and retake everything just to get better photos. You would think there would be a way to take an additional photo without taking it apart.

At this point, I am almost thinking the Planix with the Z1 is really only good for getting floor measurements as the quality of the photos is not great.

Would be interested in hearing what others are doing to overcome the problem.



We agee totally. We have clients that love the 360 Tours we delivered using the DNG’s from the Z1. Strange that iguide won’t allow that? We too wish we could have more control over the images and ability to shoot both and download directly from the Z1 without unmounting it everytime.


You absolutely can shoot the Z 1 without unmounting.

Turn the whole system off, turn just the camera on, connect with the Z1 app, shoot.

It’s very easy.

Many thanks - I guess that is one solution.

But it would be nice not having to do that for every shot.

Is there a way to have the iGuide power the theta Z while only using it as standalone camera? It seems like whenever I power on iGuide to charge the theta, it turns off wifi and I can’t use it for anything else.

Totally not a workable solution. Better to stick with IMS-5 if you want half decent photos.

So you’re saying. If you just use the Theta Z1 and take the 360 photos can you upload and stitch the walkthrough together without ever using the phalanx ??

It’s probably not a good idea to mess with a phalanx.

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I am looking to sell my IMS-5 if anyone is interested