Phoenix AZ area - Anyone have capacity to partner with a local drone photographer?

I hope this is okay to post here.
I also belong to a group of drone photographers.
We have someone who needs to have some virtual tours done soon.
One is a +$1MM property.
They really needed to be able to show examples of work.
Is anyone able to help in this Phoenix area (not sure what part of the city)

I can help you out with that… I think I’m one of the few with an iGuide in Phoenix. But my samples are going to be of CA and NV homes. I’m an AZ native, if that helps and I was a real estate broker for 15 years before shifting into photography. I don’t do drone work, so partnering with you would be awesome. Shoot me an email at and I’ll send over some samples

Marcus, that’s awesome! I’ll get her to call you in the AM.
(or tonight if she is active on FaceyBook…(it’s already after 9 PM here)

I think that will be fine. They just wanted to understand how the VT would look and feel.
So just some good examples would be great!

Marcus, Lisa is going to contact you. Thanks again!!