Phases of Construction project

Is it possible to use iGuide to take images in the same location, during different stages of a construction project, Eg, 1) Demo, 2) with new electrical and plumbing 3) with drywall up? Ideally I would like it to be a button or a slider that would allow you to switch between phases of the project similar to how you can see previous views of a google street view

I don’t know about iGuide, tbh. But you can do something like this with Kuula, that’s probably what I’d go with. You can still shoot with Planix, but then load the images to Kuula, I know there’s a split-screen dual view that syncs up for direct comparison, plus of course thumbnails at the bottom where you can indicate each of phase.

Or you can send a request to update the PANO or add PANO.

You can create separate views in iGuide as if they are different floors. IGuide has some samples of this on their website somewhere. If I get a chance I’ll look for it and post it here.

However, it’ll be up to you to put your iGuide close to the same spot from your first scan.