Pano Replacement

I did my first iGuide today and the experience was enjoyable. I had one problem with a small kitchen that was longer than wide. When I came back to process the images and the floor plans I ran into one problem. The skitching software could not handle the three spheres for the kitchen. So I used PTGUI Pro and made adjustments for the 5.6 mm lens and PTGui Pro was able to stitch the spherical panorama. But I don’t know how to substitute the corrected pano for the three from the camera in the IGuide stitching software. Should I send it with the rest of the product and include a note for the drafters, or is there a simpler answer when in the software.

Thank you.

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If you rotated camera in the wrong direction, use the right-click menu in Stitch to fix that.
Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 21.06.35

Otherwise, use manual sliders in Align Pano dialog (and Auto option is available there as well). Default auto alignment is done using Features, you can try using Color. If PTGui can do it, then Stitch can do it too.

You can submit the data for processing as is, but if it is the only pano in the room, drafters may not be able to use it to properly size and position doors and windows in that room, so it is better to fix it before uploading the data to be drafted. Otherwise, if you chose to upload as is since it may not be critical, you can use Replace Pano function in Edit iGUIDE page on the portal for 2 weeks after iGUIDE is published to upload edited panos - search for related KBA on

Welcome to the gang! Glad you got your first one under your belt.

It looks like Alex gave you a very comprehensive answer that I hope helps.

From someone who is still relatively new, one thing I could not encourage more is to over shoot. Especially when you are new, it just takes a minute to get a couple of images of even small spaces.

I’m amazed that you didn’t see an issue when you went to align the image.

One thing I’ve found is, if my tripod shifts I immediately see an issue on the floor plan. The walls will not match and I can see ‘mirroring’ (for lack of a better work) where a wall from one pano slightly misaligns with the same wall in the other pano. As soon as I spot this I simply re-take the images. (if you have not done that, simply select the image you want to retake by pressing that image on your iPad/phone, the system will warn you ‘do you want to overwrite?’ press the ‘You Betya’ button and you’re on the the next image.)

A big help (again at least for me) is to have a 10 inch iPad. I honestly don’t know how folks do this on a phone. It’s just so tiny. With the iPad, when I load the project into stitch, it only takes a couple of minutes to tighten up the floor plan, so I can upload it to the portal. Hope that helps! Please feel free to reach out if I can ever help! We all have to learn and it’s normal to make a few mistakes at first.


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