Pano Replacement - Re-editing the original or shooting a replacement

While there is an option to “Replace Pano Image” it only downloads the original Pano Image. In a situation like editing in stitch and making the image too bright, there is no workable editing option because you are working with an over exposed VERSION of the image.

It would be GREAT if the Stitch program would allow us to export a single PANO image from Stitch, thus allowing us to re-edit from the originally shot image.

Additionally, this would allow us to go back and re-shoot a scene from the same position and then Replace it in the tour.

There is currently a workable solution if you have pano making software. I have been shooting 360° panos for years and I already have PTGui. I was able to take the originally shot images (The 3 circular Fisheye images) stitch them and position them in the same configuration as the original, then edit them in Photoshop. I was then able to “Replace Pano Image” in iGuide with my re-edited version.

NOTE: This would also work in a situation where you may have to go back and re-shoot the actual images because of lens flare, customer changes, really bad exposurer on capture, customer received appliances after the shoot or other. As long as you shoot from the same position, including starting orientation, you would be able to Replace Pano Image" without needing to go through the Support Process, which can take time and or cost money.

The above would not work if you forgot to shoot a scene.