Other measurement tools when iGuide isn't for your client?

I came across a commercial realtor that had a large space to sell and she was curious about the floor plans I can offer. Currently I’m only doing iGuide so she wanted something simpler and cheaper and didn’t end up using me.

So my question is…is there any other software anyone else uses for floor plans? I have a good laser measurer and can do floor plans no problem but I’m not sure what software to use for more basic floor plans, any ideas or recommendations? It’d be a great way to expand my services. I’m sure others would get use out of it as well

Check out this link https://www.cubi.casa/ I have used them for just that situation for the last couple of years.

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cubicasa won’t do over 10,000 sq ft

For a Stand Alone Floor Plan we use CubiCasa and it works great. To be honest, when I first heard about it and researched it I thought, “There is no way it’s THAT easy to create an accurate Floor Plan.”.

I was VERY wrong! We just did an old Bed & Breakfast for a client and it was a Floor Plan NIGHTMARE. I was literally dreading it until I learned about CubiCasa. It took longer to go through and turn on the lights, open the closets etc than anything else. Even though this dwelling was a maze of rooms, common area, and private living quarters we simply walked through it with the phone “recording”. When done and back to the office I uploaded the DATA (took maybe 5 minutes) and while I was sleeping the Floor Plan was finished. The final product was spot ON and my client and his clients were all thrilled with the final result. It took us no more than 20 minutes total on site, 5 minutes back in the office, and another 5 minutes downloading the Floor Plan and uploading it to my cloud. If I had drawn this by hand it would have been a full DAY of work and I would have spent a lot longer on site measuring and taking notes/pics. It’s pretty amazing how easy it is but my clients think I’m spending HOURS creating these for them LOL

I only use CubiCasa for Stand Alone Floor Plans though. The Floor Plans from iGUIDE are even easier since we’re already scanning and they are an integral part of our program and marketing campaign.