Option for Black and White Floor Plans Has Gone?


I can see that the option for black and white floor plans is no longer available for PDF and iGuide view. Can the option be reinstated as we have had agents asking.


There is a new multi-greyscale colorscheme available. Mono-color or no-color options are gone for good. Couple, but not the only reasons, being that they do not allow seeing boundaries between room types when there is no wall, such as between kitchen and dining area or making it clear that closet floor area is not included in bedroom floor area because before they were the same color in discontinued colorschemes.

Can you please re-consider this decision. The simplicity of the single colour plan was an asset.

It’s very frustrating to hear actual clients (the ones who pay for all of this) make simple, reasonable requests and for you to tell them that they’re wrong.

I realise that this is topic is from 8 months ago but clients are still wanting a colourless option for printing. ‘It saves ink and looks better for black and white printing’. Could we not have small arrows indicating where the measurements are taken for boundaries?

Black & white floor plans are great for making Life Safety Plans. I hope they are still an option.