Option for "Anonymous Suggestions Directly to Planitar" PLEASE!

Imagine you’re the owner of a boutique ice cream parlor, one that’s been the heart of the neighborhood for seven years. You’ve got credentials that sparkle – a degree in marketing, awards lining your wall, and a clientele that adores your creations. You work hard on your craft, hell…you work until 3:30AM every day on your business and get back up at 8:00AM to do it again the next day. It’s all you live for.

Yet, there’s a whisper that turns into a conversation, and it’s all about the absence of a classic flavor – chocolate.

Your patrons, they don’t just enjoy your ice cream; they live for it. But they’re asking, no, clamoring for chocolate. It’s not just for novelty; it’s a staple, a comfort, a flavor that’s timeless. And this isn’t about whims; it’s about business, about staying afloat in a sea of competitors who’ve already embraced the chocolate wave.

You’ve watched, helplessly, as some of your most loyal customers have drifted away, seduced by the siren call of the chocolate at other parlors. It’s not just about tastes – it’s about your survival, your legacy, your dream.

So, you muster the courage and decide to act. You draft a detailed, compelling proposal, backed by figures, by feedback, by a year’s worth of lost opportunities. It’s time to make a change, to introduce chocolate into your lineup.

But here’s the twist in the tale: As you stride into the manufacturing plant, ready to drop your meticulously crafted suggestion into the suggestion box, you find there isn’t one. Instead, there’s a stage, and you’re unwittingly the day’s performer. The crowd is a mix – fellow shop owners, curious onlookers, all waiting to hear your pitch.

With a deep breath, you begin, laying out your vision with passion, painting a picture of a future where chocolate isn’t just an option; it’s a cornerstone of your menu. But before you can even dream of basking in the sweet possibility of change, you’re interrupted.

A voice cuts through, skeptical, almost mocking. “Chocolate? Why on earth would you need that when there are a thousand other flavors?” It’s a competing shop owner, one who doesn’t understand your clientele, your market, or your vision.

The debate that follows is a storm, a cacophony of opinions, each more strident than the last. Your voice, once clear and strong, is drowned out. The essence of your message is lost in the noise, and with it, perhaps, the future of your ice cream parlor.

This, dear Planitar team, is why we need a private channel for suggestions. Not for the sake of secrecy, but for clarity, for focus, for the respect of ideas that might just be the lifeline a business needs. And also for the fact that sometimes…if someone doesn’t like chocolate, and someone else does…we really don’t need to hear it. I didn’t ask for it.

This is the equivalent to the Ricky Gervais joke to "Walking up to an advertisement that says, ‘Free Guitar Lessons!’ but instead of walking by you rip off the tag, call the person, and go…“BUT I DON’T WANT FREE GUITAR LESSONS!!!

In the spirit of continuous improvement and collaborative growth, I reach out to propose a consideration for our feedback system. The goal is not just to streamline communication, but also to honor the depth and intent behind each user’s input.

My Suggestion: An Anonymous Suggestion Submission

The Core of Our Dialogue:

  • Subjectivity of Significance: Every suggestion carries its own weight, meaningful in its own right. The significance of the suggestion is relative, unique to each user’s experience and needs.
  • Valuing Thoughtful Contributions: When a user dedicates time to meticulously craft a suggestion, it’s a reflection of their commitment to excellence and their belief in our collective progress.
  • Creating a Respectful Space: A space free from immediate public scrutiny allows for ideas to be presented without the apprehension of unwarranted critique or dismissal, particularly from those who may not fully engage with the content, or don’t bother to read it entirely – just skim through for key trigger words, and act on emotion.

Again, let’s just see if I can test this theory. If you do not like my suggestion…is it possible for you to go about your day without saying something? What is the point of telling someone their idea is stupid. Seriously. Especially when your business name is attached to your Forum user name.