Ongoing IGuide 360 for a Commercial/Corporation Company

Hi everyone,

How much would you charge to create a permanent unlisted IGuide 360 for a Corporation that will use it on their website or by email to attract & secure clients and promote their services?

By permanent, I mean the IGuide 360 would be ongoing, not time limited because they don’t sell the assets but rent it out. By unlisted, I mean no agents or 3rd party except their direct employees, would use it to promote it by email or the Corporation’s website.

Thank you in advance for any response.

Hi Aris,

I actually just reached out to support regarding this same question! It appears from the Terms of Service you cannot sell ongoing access to iGuide services without written permission.

I suggest you cannot them as well. I am pending a response.

Tucker O

If they really want un-ending access to the tour it’s very simple for them to download the offline IGuide and host it anywhere they want. All they need to do is place the folder on their webserver and access it from there.

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for providing the options. I also saw on other responses that some fee may take place in the future for hosting. I believe, we will all have to see how to incorporate this in our contracts.