One Z1 - Use it for iGUIDE & Zillow & Matterport - HOW TO CHARGE

Just wondering what others are doing to charge the Theta Z1 if they just have one mounted to the Planix Pro. I just received the Planix and trying to figure this out. I have yet to use it. I’m waiting to get a model home from a builder to do a test.
When I turn on the Planix, it turns off the Wifi on the Z1 so I’m unable to charge it while I’m shooting like I did before. BUT the Planix DOES charge the Z1 while it’s on. Can I turn something off on the Planix temporarily to not have it take over the Z1s Wifi?

In order to charge the Z1, you have to have both the Planix Core and Z1 on. Not really ideal but that’s how it works.

Correct, you can not enable WiFi on the Z1 while the Planix Core is on.
I agree that it would be ideal to be able to use either or because there are sometimes I would like to use the Z1 by itself while keeping it attached to the Planix for a longer battery time.

We’ve ran into this situation as well. Unfortunately after just 2 shoots I have to unmount the Z1 and then use it w/o Planix Core in order to use an auxiliary power bank to continue shooting. It would be nice to be able to the Planix Core in “Charge Only” mode otherwise we are taking our units apart way too often.