OnClick or OnTouch To Navigate

Is it possible to implement an OnClick or OnTouch event that will allow a user to navigate an iGuide that is auto playing? I have heard feedback from multiple users that they like auto play, but they don’t like having to press the pause button buried in the bottom of the interface. I would think we could easily resolve that. Please let me know.


Additionally, I’m still waiting for a way to include my branded pano logo in unbranded embedded tours. I’m referring to the branding on the floor. My MLS, and many nationwide MLS, allow this form of branding. Since we embed our iGuides into our own properietary interface I would really like to take advantage of this. It would be mutually beneficial, because these MLS links are the links that get the views. Sometimes thousands a month.

Thank you for all your support.

Pano branding in unbranded tour has been available for a while, it is in iGuide options.

Also, during Autoplay, it has always been possible to switch panos and floors.

I think we have to administer a monthly quiz on iGuide and portal features and a offer a free iGuide as a prize.

Alex, I don’t think you understand what I’m saying with an embedded tour that is auto playing. The user should be able to interrupt the auto play simply by clicking on the rotating pano. Right now the user has to click pause or click a different room. Click on the example in my original post to test.

Also, does the logo show up in unbranded embedded tours, too?


Hello Vic,
Although it is not possible to interrupt the auto play by simply clicking on the rotating pano, it is a good suggestion. Thanks for suggesting it. We will investigate if we can add this feature in the future.

I see what you mean. That should be possible, but only for the very first click on a tour that was configured to start in autoplay. If autoplay is started manually, first click will not stop it.