On-Demand Analytics: Please Provide a Hyperlink

The real estate market is incredibly hot in my community, and my Realtor clients are anxious for day-by-day, even hour-by-hour updates on their properties- who is seeing them, when they’re seeing them, how long they’re looking, etc… All the things that iGuide Analytics provide.

The only challenge is that currently, from what I know, my only options to satiated their incredible desire is to 1) put them on a scheduled mailing (weekly- absolutely not dynamic enough), 2) me going into my iGuide page and punching in the Realtor’s email address to send them an up-to-date Analytic (this works, but is overwhelmingly time-consuming for me, or 3) giving all my clients “Editor” access to my iGuide pages so that they can punch their email address in and send themselves an up-to-date Analytic (not tenable because I don’t want to give them that much access to my pages).

The simplest and most reasonable solution would be for you to create a URL that is included with the initial iGuide report that would allow any client who receives the initial iGuide (an action that I already do, but only do once!) to click that URL, and receive an “on-demand” Analytic update.

Does this already exist somewhere and I just don’t know about it?

I don’t believe this is possible at the moment. While there is an API to automate some functions, there isn’t a function to trigger analytics emails.

I’m working on software that integrates with iGuides that I think can accomplish this, but I don’t have an ETA.

Thanks Leroy- looking forward to anything you can provide, and of course hoping that iGuide will integrate this as standard product feature very soon.

I don’t know how things are nationwide, but here in the mid-Atlantic area, homes are going under contract within days, not weeks- so a more dynamic presentation of analytics is what my clients are demanding.

Thanks again!