OCCULATION OPTION (Transporting Thru-Walls to Non-Connected Rooms)

Would it be possible to create a checkbox in the general tour settings for Occulation?

More specifically, turning off transporting thru-walls into non-adjacent spaces. It’s confusing when that happens. Being able to do it by selecting a POV on the Floor Plans should remain the same, as the user is making a selection and there would be no confusion; turning it off on the 360 window would make more sense to a viewers experience. Matterport has this and it works well.

Something that can also be set in the operator defaults.

I have had numerous clients ask me why they end up in the bathroom on the other end of a home when they were trying to get to the dining room from a kitchen (or something similar). I have to explain the way it works to them and it’s somewhat of a negative experience from their point of view and takes away a bit of value.

I’ve actually lost 2 clients that decided to go with Matterport tours because of this, to them, it creates a “confusing experience” - it’s a thing and I can’t possibly be the only one that thinks about it…

A great solution would be the ability to enable/disable an Occulation rule (on the viewer side) on the iGUIDE settings and the ability to do that in our account default settings if desired. A setting that would only allow a point of view to traverse to a limited number of nearby views would also work well in preventing the transportation from one part of a universe to a completely irrelevant sector.

The ability to select a point of view on the map is a great feature.

I believe it would help tremendously with the user experience and add value to the overall product.

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