Oben AC 1341 with BA 111 Ball head

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I am a brand new provider and would appreciate some feedback from those more knowledgeable than myself?

With the AC 1341 being discontinued, what would be a recommended replacement, with which ball head?



Oben AC-1431 Aluminum Tripod with BA-108 Ball Head or Oben AC-1441 Aluminum Tripod with BA-111 Ball Head are couple options. BA-111 ball head is rated for 11lb, BA-108 is 8 lb. The camera is only 5.2lb, but the center of gravity is offset from the ball head, so extra load capacity is needed, but is not an exact science. With smaller heads you would need to tighten them more to prevent the ball head from drifting down and that will wear it out faster. AC-1431 is 3 section and a bit lighter than AC-1441 which is 4 section.

Thanks Alex,

I called Oben and BH actually and went with the AC 1351 with a 113 Ball head. I took the advice of the rep I spoke to as he suggested this was the essentially the upgrade. I will certainly follow up once I receive the item

The Manfrotto I have will do for now but I think it will struggle with the weight over time.

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I hope other operators can respond here and list the tripods that work well for them and ones that did not.

I’m still looking for good replacement legs for the Manfrotto legs I’ve used for years that are wearing out.

However, I would NEVER use another ball head shooting RE. I will only use a geared head. Options are limited for geared heads. But using a ball head for RE is a PITA. If you’ve not used a geared head for this type of work, you have to try it. You won’t go back.

thanks rfarmer. I ordered the ball head as suggested but I will investigate the geared head idea. I am just starting out so I have little to compare, and I live in southern alberta with very limited photo retail options.

I appreciate the feedback


Shooting with a ball head just takes too long: it’s very slow to reposition/realign each time you move the tripod, which is often in our line of work. I use the Manfrotto 410 Junior geared head (I have 3 now) and they are excellent. The only issue is that a small portion of the adjustment dials do extend into the bottom of the completed panorama: you can see it a little bit if you point the finished view down. Would like to have the option of enlarging the image that gets placed at the bottom of the pano to hide it. :slight_smile:
Vistek usually has stock on the 410, free shipping.

Thanks Doug,

I ordered the ball head but you are the second person to suggest a fixed head. I am just starting out so I will investigate this and give it a shot.

Appreciate the feedback


I use one of these- they make one with a built in clamp which is a little wobbly - fast and easy.


Thanks for the reply. Really impressed with all the feedback I have received thus far. I will look into that product. Only concern is where you said it is a little wobbly?




I use one of these Desmond D-lev. Love it.

I just purchased one of the triangular levelers (like the Desmond D-Lev) to replace a ball clamp. I also added a Manfrotto quick release clamp see below to connect the leveler to the camera. I’ll let you know how this works.