Non Conventional Brokerages such as Property Guys etc

I’m getting inquiries (rom the owner of companies such as the Property Guys who want to incorporate the iGuide into offerings for packages for their high end clients. I’m trying to figure out how to deal with this one… One side of me says be careful as my traditional agent clients may not be to impressed and those are my bread and butter. The other side of me says, hey, this guys gets it and knows what his clients want and what he needs to stay competitive. They are not much different than any other competitor - conventional or not. Anyone else with thoughts or experience in the non-conventional real estate representative stream?

I’m not sure what your concern is. A customer is a customer. Why would you debate on taking business from someone because you’re worried what someone else thinks?

If I was a Realtor without a camera and the photographer I use started to work with Property Guys in our area I would look for another option to differentiate myself from those property guys listings. That being said, it comes down to a decision on the value of my repeat and continuous business I could lose vs. what I may pick up.

I’m still not understanding how one thing affects another. I never understood why so many people in this business worry so much about what other people are doing. Do what you do and do it well. You can’t affect what others will (or won’t) do, but you CAN affect what YOU can do.

I’ve found it to be much more difficult to work with private sellers. It’s harder to set up appointments, harder to explain everything before, during and after, harder to sell, harder to collect payment (!!!).
When I get inquiries from folks who are not repeat clients, or have the potential to be repeat clients, I quote them accordingly for what my experience tells me will be the total work required.

Rick, most realtors I know find the challenge of FSBO quite frustrating. While working with these FSBO clients may be another revenue stream for your business, I personally feel that it can be part of a successful business strategy to offer the premium service we provide on an exclusive basis to realtors. It is another thing that they can use to differentiate what they are doing, and if that works for them, it most likely means they will become another one of my repeat clients.

I would rather work to support a repeat client than knock my head against the wall supporting a single-use client.

You’re missing what I’m saying. I’m not saying you should (or shouldn’t) go after that business. But, if the business falls in your lap, then there’s no much reason NOT to take it.

Its a Canadian thing perhaps…my business is a lot to do with customer service and customer rentention - maybe I take that too far … There is a deep dislike among these no-commission agencies around here.
Thanks for your comments though, straight up…

Good points you make… I feel the same way. Nice to hear comments from different views on this.