No address in iGuide. New Construction.

I can’t create an iguide for new construction because the address doesn’t exist in the Google database. Is there a workaround?

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you can create an iguide without entering a property address. Here are the steps:

Click on +Create iGUIDE on the menu bar
Choose your Property Industry and iGUIDE Package
Leave the Property Address field blank
Add Agent Branding and People
Upload Data
I hope this helps you create your iguide.

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If I lead Property Adress blank, I cannot add Agent Branding nor People nor upload data… what am I missing? (maybe reason is I choose AEC)

Sounds like your gonna have to create a support ticket. Good luck.

Mike is correct, the support team is the appropriate resource to contact if you have any product related questions. We also have an incredible Help Center that we launched last year that houses all of our resources and includes a super handy search function in the top right hand corner. Here is an article on the Help Center that shows you how to change an address:

Essentially, you can select any address you want in order to create the initial iGUIDE and then go in and change the map location, title and even URL. When you are creating an “iGUIDE” you are creating a placeholder for all of the data to live in, a file folder of sorts, and the shell (file folder that we call a URL) is modifiable.

I highly recommend bookmarking the Help Center to ask questions outside of business hours and then contacting our support team via ticket or phone during business hours.

Instead of using the exact address, you can provide directions or instructions based on nearby landmarks or well-known locations. This can help guide people to the vicinity of the construction site even if the specific address isn’t recognized.

As Kelly says though, you do need to enter an address, any address, in order to create the iGuide, then after it is created, you can change it and the url to read anything you like.

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