New Features

I would like to do some iGuides for Hotel rooms. It would be great if we could have beds and some other basic furniture drafted into the floor plan. For a normal tour it is not necessary, however for a hotel room it is essential

Have a look at Premium iGuides. There’s a sample floor plan at

yes premium IGuides are great , however I am suggesting they go further and add furniture. Beds, tables etc.

Ah, gotcha. Can you do that with the integration?

id like to have it in the floorplan embedded in iGuide not in a separate file.

Got it. I’d suggest posting in the Feature Suggestions forum.

Don’t see a feature suggestions section. Only general and building blocks

I don’t see the benefit of the product because it is not connected to the iGuide panoramas… I would love to see an example of someone doing this.

I would love to see floor planner integration so I could add what I want to the floorplan and export back into the iguide…

I haven’t seen many examples either – and I haven’t had the time to check it out closely myself – but I’m hoping to do that over the next few days.

If anyone has examples they’d like to share, I’m very curious to see them.

Hi @LeroySchulz
Where can I find the Feature Suggestions Forum?

It shows up for me. You might need to reach out to support for access.

What about colour customisation for reports? We would like to add our colour branding.