New Draft Software

When switching on the room dimensions with the new software is it possible to have the arrow indicators for these smaller rooms too? Our clients typically want the measurements on these rooms (i.e. Foyer/Den) because they feel they are an important feature and it can look as if something is missing from the plan if there are no arrows. It also can be misleading if you do not know where the measurement is taken from.

Hi leadingimage,

This is a new feature that we added in the last weeks and we are still working on that. It should be ready later this week. The changes unfortunately will only apply to newer iGuides.

Just keep in mind that despite being able to show originally hidden dimensions, the position of the arrows was chosen automatically (and was not inspected by the drafters), so there is a chance that it won’t be the ideal (i.e. rooms with complex shapes/angles). The displayed values, however, are always representative of the arrow locations. Perhaps for these cases the room area can be a more convenient option.


Thank you Adriel for your response