Need option for no address for builders

I do iGuides for some builders in the area. We need an option to create iGuides without address information. Currently, I put the name of the community and the model name in the street address section. There is no way to remove the property number so I have to use 0 or 1 and it doesn’t look right.

Maybe have an option to select it as a builder iGuide and then not require all of the address info like you do now?


You can make an alias view of the iGuide and call it anything you want – I do that sometimes when a property has sold but the agent wants to continue using the iGuide as part of their marketing without displaying the address.

I hadn’t known that. How does that work with embed code, etc.? One of my builders uses the embed code to put it on their website.

Also, where do I find this option? Not seeing it.

Thanks so much.

Under the Section iGuide User Views (where you go when you want to lock the iGuide) – upper right hand corner of that section there is a button to Create a New View – click on that and it will give you an “alias” for the iGuide - usually a bunch of numbers or something, but you can edit that and change it to whatever you want.

Sorry Rick – am not sure about your question re embedding.

Hello Rick,

You can create an iGuide without using an actual address of a property and then change the address and the URL link to whatever you like.
In order to change the address please:

  1. Log into the Portal (

  2. Find the iGuide you wish to edit under “My iGuides” and click on “iGuide Details”

  3. You can change the URL link on the right hand side by clicking on the pencil beside the existing one. And you can change the address by clicking on the “Edit” button beside the Property Address.

I hope this helps!


They use the embed code to post iGuides on their website. Just not sure how (or if) using an alias would affect that.

I think one of the agents I did this for embedded the revised iguide on his website and it worked.

If and only if you edited the iGuide alias (URL), then the embed code will need to be updated with new URL. Only default view alias (URL) can be changed. URLs for additional views are generated by portal and cannot be changed. They are cryptic and impossible to guess on purpose, however.

Alias is different from iGuide title which is what appears in the title bar of browser window and also on the Details tab of the iGuide and PDF floor plans. Title can be changed for any view, not only default view.

Both default view alias (URL) and view title are initially generated from property address. But since you can edit the title and hide the Nearby map tab, the title can be anything, like “Demo iGuide for Builder A” and will essentially hide address, so there will be no need to have bogus address for iGuide, as it may be useful to keep correct address for the future. If you are using default view for iGuide, remember to also edit the alias.

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I need to have no address at all - this is for a yacht and it’s not tied to a specific location.