NEED HELP - Purchased Used IMS-5 need invitation for uploads

(EDIT) So it seems like because I bought a camera used I need an invitation link to get upload permissions. Does anyone know how to get this?

Hi everyone, I’m a new user here and for some reason I can’t upload a scan to my Iguide account.

When I try to do it from stitch I get this message after export: “PERMISSION DENIED You dont have enough permissions to proceed to the requested URL.”

When I go to my manage page I don’t even have the option to upload, I just have “my iguides” (which is empty and “map”.

I desperately need to get this uploaded so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Open a support ticket from the portal. The support staff are quick to reply.

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When you purchase a used iGuide camera from anyone you then need to let the office know the serial number and other information so they can re-assign that camera to your account.